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Why You Need a HydraFacial Before the End of the Year

The end of the year is often a busy time. Between holiday shopping, crunch time at school or work, and preparations for various gatherings, you might lose track of your skin’s health. To make matters worse, the cold air and holiday stress might exacerbate certain skin problems. Fortunately, there are many ways to give your skin the attention it deserves without interfering too much with your other end-of-year plans. HydraFacial MD® is a highly effective medical-grade skin resurfacing treatment for all skin types – its patented 4-in-1 system provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration via powerful serums (complete with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides, etc.) and chemical peel options. Best of all, this system is customizable so individual patients receive the optimal care for their skin type and concerns. Plus, HydraFacials only take about 30 minutes from start to finish with zero downtime.

Let’s further explore why you should consider a HydraFacial for your skin, particularly before the end of the year.

Benefits of a HydraFacial


Keep Dry Skin at Bay All Winter Long

The end of any year also happens to be the beginning of winter. No matter how you feel about the cold season overall, its conditions can trigger various skin problems, including irritation, dryness, breakouts, and more. Keeping up with an optimized skincare routine that includes proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization will help keep these winter-related issues at bay, but sometimes it’s not enough. A HydraFacial treatment may be what your skin needs to retain moisture this winter. A Signature treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin and includes a hot towel, steam, red/blue light LED therapy, and a medical-grade hydrating mask. If your skin is particularly dry and problematic, you might go for a Clarifying HydraFacial, which comes with the additional benefits of acne-targeting solutions, anti-inflammatory serums, and manual extractions.

Even Out Your Skin Tone

Dryness and irritation aren’t the only skin ailments that HydraFacials combat. This powerful cosmetic dermatology solution can also aid with pigmentation problems. The potent L ascorbic acid booster Britenol add-on in particular can reduce hyperpigmentation. The standard procedures included in your HydraFacial will also help improve skin tone on the whole. If you’re looking for a smoother, brighter, more even complexion for 2022, then a Britenol-boosted HydraFacial might be right for you.

Maintain Youthful Skin Despite the Passage of Time

As exciting as the prospect of a new year can be, this milestone also reminds us that time marches on. Our skin marches along through time, too, undergoing changes, lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. You don’t have to admit total defeat, however – HydraFacials also play a role in reducing visible aging. The Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF™) serum add-on minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin health; the peptide booster Dermabuilder offers the same benefits via different means. If you’re concerned about your skin’s aging going into the new year, a HydraFacial is worth looking into.

Give Your Skin a Fresh Start for the New Year

A new year is more than a turning of the calendar – it’s also a time to renew your goals and self-image if you so desire. If the potential benefits listed here aren’t enough to convince you (to combat dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, aging, etc.), keep in mind that a HydraFacial is also a nice end-of-year gift to treat yourself with. This effective treatment is relaxing and will only take up about a half hour of your schedule. Indeed, there is perhaps no better time to give your skin the HydraFacial it deserves than the year’s end. At North Pacific Dermatology, we provide a wide variety of safe and effective cosmetic dermatology services to our patients so they can find the right treatments for their skin. Set up a consultation with our team today.

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