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Why Eye Cream Is Essential

While cosmetic dermatology services like chemical peels are an excellent way to help you age gracefully, they’re also not the only skincare steps you can take. In fact, eye cream is one of the most important skincare products you can invest in. Here’s why this product is an essential one that you need to keep in your skincare routine.


Benefits of Eye Cream


Specifically Formulated for Eyes

One of the most important reasons to use eye cream in your regular skincare routine is that it’s designed specifically with your eyes in mind. While it might seem fine to put your regular moisturizer around your eyes and call it a day, that’s simply not the case. Regular facial moisturizers are created with chemicals that might be harmful to the area around your eyes. This skin is extremely delicate and can be irritated easily. Even Botox injections can elicit a reaction if you’re not careful. If you’re using products on this area of your skin that are designed for whole-face use, then you might risk irritating the skin around your eyes and causing a skin rash. Eye cream is designed specifically to be compatible with the delicate tissue around your eyes and moisturize it gently. This makes eye creams a much safer and more effective skincare product for that area of your face.

Prevent Wrinkles

As we mentioned earlier, the skin around your eyes is very delicate. It’s also covering muscles that get an intense workout every day. Every time you blink, squint, or move your eyes around, those muscles are working hard. Unfortunately, that muscle movement can also help contribute to eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. If your goal is to reduce eye wrinkles, then an eye cream needs to be something you have in your skincare arsenal. Eye creams, unlike general-use face moisturizers and wrinkle reducers, are created with your eyes’ sensitive skin in mind. This means they’re formulated specifically to offer targeted wrinkle-reducing benefits to the area around your eyes. Don’t wait to start your eye cream routine, either. The sooner you start preventative care for wrinkles, the better.

Decrease Puffiness and Dark Circles

Another reason you should make sure you have an eye cream in your skincare routine is that it can help with other skin conditions outside of wrinkles, too. For instance, some eye creams are formulated specifically to help reduce puffiness or dark under-eye circles. These creams have the benefit of being much more specialized than a facial moisturizer, too. When you can purchase and use a product that solves a specific skin care issue that you’re having, it’s definitely one you can’t afford not to have in your regular routine. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your puffy eyes or dark circles, it’s definitely time to do some more research into eye creams.

Eye cream is an essential part of a great skincare routine as you age. If you’re not sure what eye cream is right for you or when to start using it, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with our team at North Pacific Dermatology today.

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