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Get Great Skin with these Nighttime Beauty Rituals

It’s no secret that caring for your skin is an important part of your daily routine. But could you be doing more to make sure your skin looks its best? If you’re looking to improve your skincare, here are a few nighttime beauty tips you need to include in your skincare routine.


Take Off All of Your Makeup

There are nights when many of us are tempted to skip taking off our makeup and simply fall into bed. But if you care about your skin, you won’t do this! Taking off all of your makeup before you go to sleep is an important part of taking care of your skin. And all of your makeup means ALL of it. Taking off your foundation and leaving your eyeliner on still isn’t good for your skin. When you leave your makeup on, you’re potentially trapping excess oil, dirt, and bacteria underneath and on your skin. Unfortunately, all of that can lead to clogged pores, which in turn can result in a nasty acne breakout. Whether you use your makeup to cover acne scars or just because you like the way it makes you look, don’t forget to take it off at the end of the day. Your skin will definitely thank you afterward! Not to mention you’ll wake up with a clean pillowcase.

Wash Your Face

After you take off your makeup, it’s important that you wash your face thoroughly. Your makeup removing wipes or oil may remove most of your makeup, but there will still be some residue, oil, or dirt left behind. The best way to get rid of all of this excess is to cleanse your face after you’ve removed your makeup. It’s important to make sure you’re using a cleanser that’s suited to your unique skin needs, though! If you’re dealing with sun damage, you may want a cleanser that has aloe in it to calm your skin down. If you have acne-prone skin, it may be in your best interests to use a cleanser with salicylic acid in it. If you’re not sure what kind of cleanser would be best for your skin type, don’t hesitate to ask your dermatologist. When you use the right cleanser, your skin will positively glow! Remember to gently pat your skin dry after you wash your face, as well. Rubbing a towel up against the skin on your face and neck has the potential to cause skin irritation and even a skin rash if you’re not careful!

Use a Nighttime Moisturizer Every Night

Moisturizing is another nighttime skincare routine step you can’t afford to skip. You might think moisturizing once daily is enough, but there’s definitely a benefit to using a moisturizer specifically formulated for nighttime use. A moisturizer designed to be used at night might not have SPF in it, but it will typically be thicker and more hydrating than your daytime moisturizer This is because during sleep, your skin will be rubbing up against your pillowcase and the air will potentially be drier. In order to help your skin rejuvenate itself, a nighttime moisturizer often has more humectants like hyaluronic acid in it. And when you wake up in the morning, your skin will still feel soft and supple.

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do for your body. And when you pay attention to your skincare morning and night, you’re sure to see excellent results. If you have questions about your skincare routine, set up an appointment at North Pacific Dermatology today.

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