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Don’t Worry About Body Hair During the Holidays. Try Laser Hair Removal.

When you’re getting ready for the holidays, the last thing you want to be worried about is body hair. If you’re looking for a solution before your big holiday shindig, here’s why laser hair removal is the best option available.


What to Know About Laser Hair Removal


Kind to Skin

Next to unwanted body hair, dealing with razor burn or any other rash on legs after hair removal is the worst. While shaving and waxing can get the job done, they often come with skin irritation that can last for days after the fact. This is an especially common occurrence for people who have sensitive skin and prefer waxing over shaving. While it’s true that laser hair removal can leave your skin a bit red after each session, it’s nothing compared to the dry skin rash that a dull razor can leave behind. In addition, laser hair removal is ultimately much safer for your skin than waxing or shaving in the long run. Not to mention that it’s virtually pain-free. When you consider all of that, this cosmetic dermatology procedure could definitely be your preferred hair removal method.

Sanitary Conditions

You might think that your shower is a clean place, but the truth is that when you shave with a razor that’s been in your shower for two weeks, you’re putting your health on the line. Showers are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and mold, both of which can grow on your razor if it’s left in that warm, moist environment. A small cut could lead to a nasty infection if you’re not careful. When you want to be as safe and healthy as possible, laser hair removal is the way to go.

Efficient Treatment

In addition to minimal skin irritation, you’ll be pleased to find that laser hair removal is an efficient method of hair removal. This can be an especially big boon if you’re in the middle of planning a holiday get together and can’t afford to take a big chunk of time out of your day. Even waxing for hair loss isn’t quite as efficient or effective as laser hair removal. Not only do you need treatments more frequently, but laying down wax and ripping it up is definitely a time-consuming process. With more efficient and precise laser technology, laser hair removal is the more efficient hair removal option.

Excellent Results

When you want real, lasting results from your cosmetic dermatology services, investing in laser hair removal treatments is the best choice you could possibly make. Not only does this hair removal service leave you without any unwanted body hair, but continued sessions on a regular basis can actually help prevent that unwanted hair from growing back. Eventually, you may not even have to invest in this service on a regular basis. For you, that means maintaining your no-shave schedule during the holidays and time saved shaving and waxing. That dress with the thigh-high slit you bought for your holiday party? You can wear it without worrying about an errant leg hair ruining your fun.

Laser hair removal is the perfect treatment to invest in when you’re prepping for the holidays. If you’re ready for your first session or you have more questions, book your consultation with North Pacific Dermatology today.

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