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De-Stress Pre-Holiday with These Facials That Help You Relax

If you want a cosmetic dermatology service that’s going to help your skin all winter long, look no further than DOT therapy. Here are just a few of the ways that this treatment can help your skin out during the cold winter months.


The Best Facial Treatments to Reduce Stress


Anti-Aging Facial

If reducing the appearance of wrinkles is at the top of your priorities list this winter, an anti-aging facial is going to be the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. Anti-aging facials typically involve the use of products with ingredients like collagen, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, which are all incredibly helpful in cultivating that youthful glow you love. In addition to these ingredients, an anti-aging facial will also involve some kind of exfoliation, a number of face masks, and serums loaded with antioxidants to help your skin get the most out of the entire session. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel — and maybe even look — like a totally new person.

Acne Facial

Pre-holiday acne is a real issue for a lot of people. If you’re one of them, an acne facial is going to be the perfect treatment to help you look and feel your best for the holidays. An acne facial involves a deep cleansing treatment to remove any traces of dirt or oil from your skin, gentle steam to soften your pores and pave the way for your dermatologist to perform extractions, and gentle exfoliation to reveal brilliant skin. And while extractions are an important part of any acne facial, keep in mind that your dermatologist may not be able to extract all of them in a single session. Regardless, your post-acne facial skin will look radiant.

Lymphatic Massage Facial

Lymphatic massage is a common practice in most facial treatments, and it’s also one of the most relaxing. This type of massage during any cosmetic dermatology services will help move fluid out of your face and into your lymph nodes, where your immune system kills harmful pathogens. During this part of your treatment, light pressure will be used to mimic the actions of lymph vessels and help move fluid from your face through your lymph nodes. While this isn’t necessarily your typical massage, it’s still an incredibly soothing experience. You just might find your tension and a bit of inflammation melting away during the process.

Brightening Facial

If you’re battling unwanted pigmentation and dark spots on your face, then a brightening facial is going to be a perfect treatment option. Like the other facial treatments we mentioned, this is an incredibly relaxing process. And while de-stressing, you’re ensuring that you have a bright, even complexion for all of your holiday events! In most cases, a brightening facial will include the use of a chemical peel or Vitamin C treatment as part of your procedure. Both treatments are designed specifically to help bring out your skin’s natural brilliance and even skin tone. As an added bonus, a brightening facial can help reduce the signs of sun damaged skin. So if you’re still recovering from spending a few days in the sun, this treatment will be perfect for you.

Facial treatments are an excellent way to ease your nerves and reveal your most beautiful skin for the holidays. If you want to know how you can benefit from a pre-holiday facial, set up an appointment at North Pacific Dermatology today.

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