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Cosmetic Skin Treatments: How Light Therapies are Changing Dermatology

Whether you’ve invested in cosmetic dermatology services in the past or not, there’s no denying that light therapies are changing the field. How? Let’s take a look at a few key light therapies that are making waves in dermatology.


LED Light Therapy

Did you know that LED (light emitting diodes) actually started out as a NASA project? With study and innovation, it was discovered that LED light could actually help with wound healing in outer space.

Now, that light technology has been harnessed to help with wound healing during cosmetic dermatology procedures.

From light therapy for vitiligo to light treatment to reduce signs of aging, LED light therapy has made huge waves. LED is also the most gentle form of light therapy with little-to-no downtime and practically no side effects. 

LED light therapy can be broken out into two sub-categories: red light therapy and blue light therapy. Let’s take a look at them.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy can most often be found as a treatment for anti-aging and issues with skin inflammation. This treatment is what stemmed laser treatment for rosacea.

In addition, red light therapy can help stimulate hair growth in patients with alopecia. Red light therapy’s main function is to stimulate the production of collagen within the epidermis, which can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

The best part? This procedure is non-invasive and there’s virtually no downtime required.

Blue Light Therapy

In the vast majority of cases, blue light therapy is used to treat acne. Not to be confused with laser therapy for acne scars, this method treats active acne breakouts. The light hones in on the skin’s oil glands and also kills one of the biggest bacterial culprits for acne on the surface of your skin.

In a controlled environment, this is a safe, effective treatment for acne. In addition, blue light therapy can be used to treat precancerous spots on the skin.

Used in conjunction with an oral or topical medication, blue light can help treat precancerous spots while leaving any healthy tissue alone.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic dermatology services. From laser stretch mark removal to laser hair removal to laser tattoo removal, the limits of this treatment are practically non-existent.

In addition, laser therapies are also used to treat a wide variety of skin cancers. With the precision of a laser, dermatologists are able to focus solely on the cancerous tissue. Like blue light therapy, healthy tissue is left alone. There’s also minimal bleeding, bruising, and scarring with laser therapies for skin cancer.

Light therapies are some of the most effective, least invasive cosmetic dermatology services on the market today. They’ve effectively changed the way we treat multiple types of skin conditions.

Whether you’re looking to reduce signs of aging or you need acne treatment, light therapy could help. If you have more questions about light therapies or want to set up a consultation, contact our team at North Pacific Dermatology today.

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