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3 Tips to Erase Summer Sun Damage

Summer is the best time of year to get outside and make the most of an afternoon. But summer skin damage is a little less fun. If you’re wondering how to take care of your skin and erase summer skin damage, here are a few great tips.


Invest in a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a lot less scary than movies make them seem. In fact, they’re an incredibly common treatment for wrinkles and other types of skin damage. The idea is to remove dull, damaged skin and reveal the new skin that’s underneath. So if you’re suffering from age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or sun-damaged skin, a chemical peel is an excellent option to consider.

Your dermatologist will select the intensity of your chemical peel based on a few different factors. Your desired results, skin sensitivity, and current skin issues are all things that your dermatologist will take into consideration when you opt for this cosmetic dermatology service. You may experience a little bit of redness or tenderness in the treatment area for a few days after your peel, but that’s normal. You should see your results in a few days after your treatment! It may take a little bit of time, but the outcome is well worth the wait.

Book a Laser Treatment

Lasers have been used for almost 20 years to treat various skin conditions. Now, they’re used to even skin tone, remove hair, and even treat acne in some instances. Laser therapy can work wonders for your skin.

Some laser therapies are much gentler than others, though, so make sure you speak with your dermatologist to find out which treatment is right for you.

Factors like the degree of sun damage, your other skin conditions, your lifestyle, and your age may all play a role in determining if you’re a good candidate for laser therapies. If you do decide to undergo laser treatment, be aware that it may take multiple sessions to attain the desired results. Sessions are typically spaced about a month apart, and the recovery time is incredibly short. In fact, it only takes one or two days for your skin to bounce back to normal after a laser treatment.

Update Your Skincare Routine

Updating your skincare routine is one of the best ways to erase the signs of summer skin damage. It’s still important to work with your dermatologist to determine the best products for you, of course. Nobody wants to deal with a skin rash on top of summer skin damage.

One of the most important ingredients you should look for when updating your skincare routine is any kind of antioxidant. Antioxidants help interrupt free radical reactions in the body, which can contribute to premature aging and skin damage.

Hyaluronic acid is another excellent anti-aging ingredient to look out for in your skincare products. This chemical is naturally found in the body, but we produce less of it as we age. Using a hyaluronic acid-based serum or moisturizer can help plump and firm skin that’s been damaged.

Erasing the appearance of summer skin damage doesn’t have to be a pain. If you have questions or want to start up a new summer skincare routine, set up an appointment at North Pacific Dermatology today.

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